Trade and Economy Dashboard: For an Organisation consisting of 57 Countries

About ICDT

The Dashboard has been developed to showcase trading information involving the OIC countries across a range of goods. It predominantly employs engaging visual representations, such as maps, bar charts, and pie charts, to illustrate trade patterns and data trends. This platform is poised to be an invaluable asset for individuals and groups interested in understanding the intricate dynamics of trade within the OIC member nations. By presenting complex trade data in easily digestible formats, the dashboard aims to provide accessible insights and foster informed decision-making in the realm of international trade.

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The Challenge

The Trade Dashboard was established to provide a solution by creating a centralized and easily accessible hub for trading information. This platform effectively closes the information gap by presenting trade data in an engaging and comprehensible format. The aim of this dashboard was to help people and businesses understand the detailed aspects of trading among OIC member countries.

The platform utilizes captivating visual representations, including maps, pie charts, and bar charts, to uncover trade patterns. By converting intricate trade data into user-friendly visuals, the platform addresses the complexity of data and facilitates stakeholders in gaining valuable insights into trade dynamics, thus enabling well-informed decision-making.

What Does Trade and Economy Dashboard do?

Trade and Economy Dashboard offers a condensed overview of statistics accessible to individuals. This compilation encompasses various parameters that serve as the basis for modifying maps and graphs. The analysis covers diverse factors including the Halal economy, halal food, halal pharmaceuticals, halal cosmetics, Islamic finance, Islamic education, travel and tourism, and halal media. Bar graphs are subsequently presented for these factors, with parameters such as ‘Trade and Investment Index,’ ‘Trade analysis,’ ‘leading companies,’ ‘investment activity,’ ‘consumer spending,’ and ‘opportunity signals’ being studied. These graphs adapt based on each factor, enhancing readability and aiding comprehension of insights within OIC countries.

Trade Map: An innovative trade map is crafted, instantly revealing insights when hovering over any of the OIC countries. The map’s statistics dynamically adjust as users select different parameters to explore data. The map features versatile filters, enabling users to focus on specific aspects. One filter allows users to spotlight a chosen country for map data. Another filter lets users refine data according to the selected ‘Region.’ Moreover, data can be examined across a 5-year span, with users empowered to select both the desired year and the country or region of interest for data exploration.

Multiple Languages: Trade and Economy Dashboard provides users with the choice to access data in several languages, encompassing Arabic, English, and French. By catering to users in their preferred languages, it ensures that individuals living in OIC countries can readily engage with and understand complex trade data. This approach not only enhances inclusivity but also empowers a wider range of stakeholders, regardless of their linguistic backgrounds, to access and benefit from the valuable trade insights that the dashboard offers.

Download Halal Guide: A comprehensive report has been incorporated into the website, offering users a downloadable guide for easy access. This report serves as an extensive resource, providing an intricate overview of the OIC Halal Economy for the year 2022. Within this guide, each parameter is meticulously detailed, offering comprehensive insights into various aspects. Notably, the report offers in-depth analyses of how each country performed across parameters such as the ‘Trade and Investment Index,’ ‘Trade analysis,’ ‘leading companies,’ ‘investment activity,’ ‘consumer spending,’ and ‘opportunity signals.’ This guide equips users with a comprehensive understanding of the economic landscape and trade dynamics within the OIC member nations, thereby fostering informed decision-making. 

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