Transforming the Medical Cannabis Industry: Boosting Profits with White Label Solutions

About Bleaum

Bleaum is an e-commerce platform designed exclusively for the medical cannabis industry. Bleaum provides tailored solutions to effortlessly sell your products online and expand your business.

Through collaboration with leading POS providers such as Growflow, Cova, IndicaOnline, and Greenbits, Bleaum enhances convenience. It enables effortless integration of existing POS systems with its platform, streamlining inventory, orders, and customer management. This synergy drives efficiency, resulting in amplified revenue and heightened customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Bleaum wanted to help the medical cannabis industry in the United States make more money using mobile apps (for iOS and Android) and web portals. Our main goal was to give dispensaries a chance to earn more while spending less. This is why we created a special solution called a white-label solution. It’s all about always making our platform better and more innovative.

We added many useful things to this platform by really understanding what the medical cannabis industry needs. For example, dispensaries can now offer special deals, talk with customers, give out coupons, reward loyalty points, send notifications, and easily process orders. Our platform is designed to fit the needs of the medical cannabis industry in a special way.

What does
Bleaum do?

Bleaum presents bespoke offerings designed exclusively for medical cannabis dispensary owners, empowering them with their very own custom mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, alongside a tailored web portal.

This white-label solution is thoughtfully customized with its unique branding, granting customers comprehensive access to manage their dedicated apps and web portal. With Bleaum, dispensary owners can take control and provide an elevated experience to their customers.

Elevating Customer Experience with Bleaum: The customer-facing component of your platform, designed for an immersive and user-friendly experience, is where the Bleaum journey begins. Our app carries your brand’s identity, featuring product listings and effortless ordering. Customers can seamlessly navigate through your inventory, place orders, and directly interact with the team.

Furthermore, the Bleaum app and web portal extend the customer experience. Users can explore enticing deals, categorized offerings, and various manufacturers before effortlessly placing orders. Additional advantages include the option to utilize coupons for added discounts and the accumulation of loyalty points with qualifying orders. 

Bleaum’s Admin Portal Capabilities: Through Bleaum’s admin portal, dispensary owners gain a comprehensive toolkit. They can effortlessly oversee inventory, manage orders, create promotions, engage in customer chats, set notifications, and access a dashboard displaying vital statistics. These metrics include total orders, accumulated revenue, and the number of registered users, granting owners insightful oversight and effective control over their operations.

Customized Dispensary Promotions: Bleaum extends dispensary owners the flexibility to design their own promotions, encompassing Tiered, Buy One Get One (BOGO), and Percentage-based deals. Additionally, owners can distribute coupons to users, enhancing their engagement. What’s more, Bleaum introduces a loyalty points system, rewarding customers based on their expenditure. These points can subsequently be redeemed by customers on future orders.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Bleaum

Nest JS
Express JS
React JS
Material UI

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