DevOps Management

Alagzoo offers range of services for DevOps engineering, including containerization, continuous deployment, continuous integration, container orchestration, infrastructure automation, and more.

"Empowering Efficiency: Alagzoo's Full-Cycle DevOps Engineering Services"

Alagzoo is a prominent provider of an extensive array of DevOps engineering services. The company excels in both managing and constructing the entire lifecycle of DevOps practices. DevOps, at its core, entails the harmonious fusion of software development and operations, aiming to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the software development process.

Efficiency Through Integration

DevOps seamlessly blends software development and IT operations for smoother workflows and reliability.

Confident, Continuous Deployment

Changes are automatically applied through continuous deployment. Jenkins and automated pipelines ensure fast, dependable updates.

Efficient Containerization

We use Docker and Docker-Compose to pack applications and their parts, speeding up deployment and enabling flexibility.

Reliable Code Integrity

With GitHub Actions, we ensure your code stays strong by automatically testing it before deployment.

Elevating AI and ML with Cloud-Powered Precision

Providing expertise on multiple AI-OPS & ML-OPS services.
Manage AWS Sage Maker providing ability to build, train and deploy ML models at large scale. Working with tools like AWS Comprehend & Rekognition in domain of NLP & Computer vision. Complete range of solution provided to take your AI to the cloud


Elevate Efficiency with DevOps Excellence Streamlining Your Software Lifecycle for Optimal Performance

Containerization with Docker & Docker-Compose

Containerization involves bundling applications and their dependencies for efficiency and consistency. Docker and Docker-Compose are used for containerization of applications. Containerization provides improved deployment speed, portability, and scalability.

Continuous Deployment with Jenkins & Automated Pipelines

Continuous deployment involves automating the deployment of software to production as soon as changes are made. Jenkins and automated pipelines enable continuous deployment by automating the building, testing, and deployment processes. Continuous deployment allows for faster delivery of software updates and improvements.

Continuous Integration with Github Actions

Continuous integration involves the automatic building and testing of changes to software code. GitHub Actions is used for continuous integration. Continuous integration ensures that changes are thoroughly tested before deployment.

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes & EKS

Container orchestration involves managing and deploying containerized applications. Kubernetes and EKS are used for container orchestration. Container orchestration streamlines the deployment and scaling of applications.

Packaging Kubernetes Configurations with Helm Charts

Helm Charts are used for packaging Kubernetes configurations. Packaging Kubernetes configurations helps to streamline deployment and ensure consistency. Helm Atomic Updates along with zero downtime achievement to ensure the stability and availability of the application.

Cluster Load Balancing with Ingress & Networking

Cluster load balancing involves distributing network traffic across multiple servers to ensure efficient use of resources using HPA and Node management. Ingress and networking are used for cluster load balancing and exposing external traffic. Cluster Service mesh including istio to manage networking within the k8s clusters.

Cluster Network Gateway with ISTIO Service Mesh

ISTIO Service Mesh is used for cluster network gateway. Service mesh provides advanced networking features such as load balancing, traffic management, and service discovery. Cluster network gateway helps to improve security, reliability, and observability.

Infrastructure Automation with Terraform

Infrastructure automation involves automating the provisioning and management of IT infrastructure. Terraform is used for infrastructure automation and management.
Infrastructure automation streamlines processes increases efficiency, and reduces errors.

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