Technological Progress via Mobile Applications: A Case Study of Insurance Company in Saudi Arabia

About The Insurance Company

An Insurance Company, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, operates with a robust and well-established presence, notably holding a prominent position in Riyadh. Renowned as a leading insurance entity, this insurance company boasts a dedicated call center, committed to delivering exceptional services to its esteemed policyholders. The company specializes in offering insurance coverage across the medical, automotive, and travel sectors.

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Decrease in Customer Support Calls

The Challenge

The Insurance Company aspires to establish and enhance its image by not only adhering to traditional strategic priorities but also by embracing a macro-focused approach that leverages technological sophistication across all its insurance domains. To achieve this goal, their initial emphasis was directed at enhancing customer services, optimizing merchant operations, and refining risk and compliance functions.

The Insurance company’s rapid growth trajectory had led to a lack of uniformity and standardization in processes across their diverse insurance domains. The prevalence of numerous manual and non-transparent processes prompted the insurance company to prioritize rectifying this issue.

Furthermore, in light of mounting industry regulations and compliance prerequisites, the insurance company demonstrated a proactive stance in proactively adapting to these changes using mobile apps. This was undertaken while retaining the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and agility that are ingrained in their organizational DNA.

What did Alagzoo do?

Alagzoo recognized the immense potential derived from synergizing scale and worldwide reach with adaptability and swiftness, rendering our partnership a clear and compelling decision. Alagzoo has collaborated closely with the insurance company to build their mobile apps and corresponding administration portal. 

Mobile Application

 Alagzoo has collaborated closely with the stakeholders of the insurance company to conceptualize, design, develop, and roll out mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. The primary goal of these apps is to streamline and automate the customer onboarding and insurance claiming procedure. Alagzoo has successfully crafted and launched mobile applications that cater to various aspects of the client’s insurance domains. These applications primarily focus on pivotal business operations such as Insurance Services, Consumer Services, and Claims. The key functionalities of the app include the following

ID verification

The app verifies the identity of the person using their citizen id and confirms their authenticity.

Insurance search and purchase

The app supports the users to search and filter the insurance plans according to them and purchase them directly through the app using various payment methods.


The app supports the users to apply the claims directly through the app by uploading relevant documents and images. The claims at certain criteria are automated without any human intervention.

Insurance coverage Limits

The app allows users to track their insurance balances based on the insurance service. The users can able to track their limits at the listed hospitals and required health categories.

Hospital search and navigation

The app allows users to search for the listed hospitals and helps users navigate to the hospital using maps.

Insurance recharges

The app provides flexibility to users to recharge their insurance balances for particular hospital chains if needed.


The app provides users the flexibility to raise complaints and also directly chat with the support team for any queries or issues.

Administration Portal

Alagzoo spearheaded the data migration process, transitioning data from the pre-existing servers to the newly created environment to bolster compatibility with the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Furthermore, Alagzoo introduced an intermediary layer that facilitates a smooth transition between the administrative portal and third-party providers. This layer effectively manages user-generated requests, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Customer management

The portal allows the stakeholders to track all the customer's data and provide complete access to perform necessary actions. We are maintaining a log of all the actions.

Policy management

The portal allows the stakeholders to create policies for different insurance domains and gives the flexibility to activate or deactivate them.

Policy Purchases

The portal allows the stakeholders to track all the policies purchased and generate the unique policy IDs and email the invoices and policy details to the customer email ID.

Claim management

The portal has the ability to auto-approve claims based on certain parameters and require manual intervention for a specific set of claims. The system also triggers the claim settlement process and funds the money to the client's account.

Hospital management

The portal allows stakeholders to add the chain for hospitals and also defines the guidelines for them to process insurance based on the policy type.

Complaint management

The portal allows the support team to chat with customers and resolve their queries and also solve the complaint tickets and update the customers.

The Results

The technology that we use to support ACIG

React Native
.Net Core
TPA Services
SQL Server
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