AI Powered Telemedicine Platform for Drug & Substance Addicts.

An AI-powered mobile health platform for assessing and treating substance use
recovery practices. This platform expands early intervention, treatment, and
recovery support services and improves delivery systems and quality of
treatment in support of community-based, integrated treatment plans.

✔︎ Global Connectivity, Local Support:
✔︎ Precision in Recovery Care:
✔︎ Technological Accountability Tools:

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Holistic Education

The Academy places significant emphasis on Arabic language learning to foster a deeper understanding of the Qur’an. The institution also provides an enriched Hifdh Program.

✔︎ Information Hub
✔︎ Program Details

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Enhancing Business via Mobile Applications: A Case Study on Online Ticketing Systems

Event ticketing app is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way you experience events. With seamless navigation and user-friendly features, the app makes purchasing and managing event tickets effortless. From concerts to conferences, sports events to art exhibitions, discover and secure your tickets conveniently with just a few taps.

✔︎ Personalized strengthening
✔︎ Unified approaches

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Pioneering Fintech Platform for SPV’s and Fund Administration in Private Investments

A fintech platform that helped people and businesses manage special investment deals. They made it easier for companies and investors to work together by providing services to handle the complicated parts of the deals. They are known for their innovative tools and experienced team. They work with clients and help people make thousands of deals which makes the investment process smoother and more transparent.

✔︎ Fund administration
✔︎ Glassboard Tool

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